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It was Maya Angelou who said, "my mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style". We can all relate to these words whether through our unique walks of epilepsy or in the daily grind of life. Epilepsy True was built on these words as a safe haven to inspire. So, sit back, relax, and read on!

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National Epilepsy Day 2019!

Happy National Epilepsy Day! Grab your purple shirt, your purple socks... purple undies? ;) It's a great day for us to come together as a community and the perfect chance for us to share our stories of what makes us... us! We are so many different people in a community of love and strength! We are daughters, sons, grandpas, grandmas. You are hard working moms and dads getting your family going every day, corporate dynamos hitting the streets every day to provide. You are also so much more behind the scenes. You work each day to make sure your schedule is on point-- medicine at the same time every day, a sufficient amount of sleep, low stress, and a balanced diet (does 70% carbs and 30% sugar count as balanced?). All of your efforts are amazing and I'd like to take this day to say CONGRATULATIONS for being phenomenal! You overcome epilepsy each time you open your eyes in the morning and each time you overcome SUDEP and I think it's important we recognize these big little things. Small tasks can be exhausting sometimes. So often, we get swamped with life (understandably so) that we loose sight of our sunshine. Well, spring is here and it's time to let the sunshine in (lettttt the sunshine in, the suuuuunshine in!) and be proud of the person you have become because of your epilepsy! Honestly, you wouldn't be who you are without it... let that sink it. You wouldn't even be where you are today. You wouldn't even know some of the pretty great people in your life if it weren't for every teeny tiny step in life, epilepsy journey included. So to epilepsy, I give thanks! Let's not hide our epilepsy, let it shine! Have pride in who you are, every last bit.

Being informed and being apart of a community is a big part of building your confidence through your epilepsy journey. The more I become educated and open up about who I am, I find self acceptance. One thing I would like to talk about today is SUDEP. It is a topic that I have been hearing about a lot recently and I thought I would jump on! SUDEP-- Sudden Unexpected Death by Epilepsy. Did you know 1 in 1,000 adult and 1 in 4,500 children with epilepsy die from SUDEP each year? Precautions you can take in order to avoid SUDEP include: always take your medicine on time, know your triggers & avoid them, always tell someone if you don't feel well or if you think you may need help (it doesn't hurt to have an extra set of eyes on you even if you think it may be nothing), and consult your doctor if you have concerns. The best thing you can do is speak up among friends and family. Please voice your concerns to your loved ones because they may be able to help you best in some trying situations and...

always have confidence in who you are but mostly love for yourself as you grow and heal through your journey.

I am including some links below that have great information on what SUDEP is...






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