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It was Maya Angelou who said, "my mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style". We can all relate to these words whether through our unique walks of epilepsy or in the daily grind of life. Epilepsy True was built on these words as a safe haven to inspire. So, sit back, relax, and read on!

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Terracotta Rain

It has been pouring non stop here in the suburbs of the NY metro area and it's got me feeling poetic...

I was out for an evening drive to meet my friend for a movie when my eyes very suddenly followed the steady stream of red rain, rich from it's clay soil, that was quickly rolling through grass from the top of a hill... down to the black bumps of asphalt that hold my GMC and me afloat. The hill was to my right along a straight shot road I would be traveling for at least a mile (one of those "country road, take me home, to the place I belong, West Virginia, mountain mama, country road, take me homeeeeee!" kinda roads).

As thumb sized drops of water landed on my windshield I thought... of us!

In the water's journey from the top of the hill, through rough rocks and terrain, to the bottom of that hill, transitioning up again through a water cycle that brings it back up to the top of a hill or to places unimaginable... I think of us! Aren't we always building ourselves up after tumbling from the top of our hill, rolling through rough rocks, landing at rock bottom, and finally cycling through an epileptic episode all over again? This movement of water is symbolic of the hardships we experience in the epilepsy community.

In contrast, water has been known to be one of the most powerful forces, capable of a lot... Let us embrace the unique strengths this symbol represents. How have the struggles you've faced through your epilepsy journey also made you stronger? Please comment below!

In my walk through this Earth, I've loved seeing life within the different elements of the world. My favorite way to do so is in nature's elements. We can see that our journey through epilepsy can be similar to that of a flood of terracotta rain, racing down a hillside... While we are not a rain drop, we can find solace in how we both are facing a storm or are in a cloud above that needs release. We are a part of the Earth and the Earth is a part of us... in so many ways.



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